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Membership in the Medical Alumni Association keeps you connected with the School of Medicine, fellow alumni and current students. Your membership dues support student programs, scholarships and alumni events. Check out the many member benefits available to you in the WSU Medical Alumni Association.

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Life Member Dues: $750.00
Member 1-year Dues: $50.00
Member 3-year Dues: $130.00
Class of 2014 (Graduating Class) 1-year Membership Dues: $25.00
Class of 2014 (Graduating Class) 3-year Membership Dues: $50.00
Recent Graduate Member 1-year Dues: $30.00
Recent Graduate Member 3-year Dues: $70.00
Legacy Family Membership Dues: $50.00 +$25 each additional family member

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Please print the membership form mail in your membership with payment to:

Medical Alumni Association
540 E. Canfield, Suite 1369
Detroit, MI 48201

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